Dhata Foundation Eyecamps

The “Eye Camp” was the inaugural project of the DHATA Foundation undertook. The initiative was driven by a daunting discovery made by Surinder and Avtar Dhat. An overwhelming number of occurrences of blindness, caused particularly by cataracts, was occurring near Mullanpur, Punjab (India). Not only was the suffering saddening, it was borderline senseless as to how avoidable the cause was. With willing doctors available and a location for the treatments to take place all that was missing were the medical supplies and equipment.

The eye camp provides health care which includes surgeries for eye-related diseases. Care is available to any patients requiring health care we can provide. Although we hope to mainly aid the imporverished population, no one will be turned away.

The first "Eye Camp" that DHATA Foundation contributed to took place in November 2003. DHATA has continued to and will continue to finance the camp on an annual basis. Thus far the camp has been limited to Mullanpur, Punjab (India). DHATA aspires to see aid being reached to more affected areas. With your help this can be made possible.

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver." - Maya Angelou