What kind of help? | Strabismus

Q: What are strabismus? (commonly known as Squints)

A: Strabismus is the misalignment of the eyes. For example, the patient may have crossed eyes, one eye turned toward the nose. Other examples are the patient may have one eye turned outward, or the patient may have one eye turned upward or downward.. The eye which is improperly aligned is commonly referred to as the “lazy” eye.

Q: How is strabismus treated?

A: Strabismus is treated based on the severity and cause of each case. The goal is to have the lazy eye regain normal vision. This may be accomplished by glasses, if the cause is due to the eyes being out of focus, or surgery on the muscles of the eye to repair any damage.

For more detailed information on strabismus please visit the Canadian Ophthalmological Society.

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